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Operator Qualifications (OQ) and Safety Training.

Operator Qualifications (OQ)


J. P. Consultants (JPC) will ensure that each of our employees is OQ certified to meet the requirements set forth by our clients.  We are able to do this through classroom and CBT evaluations.  JPC is also able to perform any written and hands-on evaluations as required by our clients.  

JPC has also contracted with several third party evaluation firms / certified evaluators across the country to make sure our pipeline inspectors and field personnel are trained in accordance with any client OQ requirements.

Safety Training


At J. P. Consultants (JPC) our first priority is the safety of our employees, our customers, and their assets.  Finally, the safety of the landowners we work with every day.  JPC is fully committed to creating an environment of safety excellence.  Our safety program is focused on preventing injuries and complying with all state and federal regulations.  

In addition, JPC has the capabilities to put together a comprehensive safety program tailored to our client's needs.  We are also here to follow any safety training requirements by our clients needed for the oil and gas inspection personnel in the field.  

Our Safety Team uses our in-house instructor and third party evaluators to provide our inspectors with PEC Training, including SafeLand Training, to meet any client requirements.  JPC also has the capabilities to train our inspectors in NCCER, Veriforce, Safety Skills, OSHA 10, and OSHA 30.  



J. P. Consultants (JPC) is a member of ISNetworld.  Our membership allows us to be part of the largest online management and compliance platforms that our industry offers.  For our clients, ISNetworld can help clients connect with third party inspection companies like JPC.  Allowing your company to see real-time information on our safety, risk, and regulatory status within ISNetworld.  

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