Pipeline Inspection Services

J. P. Consultants (JPC) is a turn-key pipeline inspection company providing pipeline inspection services to clients nationwide.  Our third party inspection projects include:

  • Transmission and Distribution Pipeline projects

  • Pipeline Integrity

  • Pump and Compressor Stations

  • Gathering Systems

  • Storage Terminals and Production Facilities

JPC also offers payroll services for those individuals that you have already identified for your corporate office or field projects.  Those individuals are on-boarded for the duration of the project and go through the same hiring processes as any JPC employee.  

All of our pipeline inspection services can be tailored to our client's needs adding value to all phases of the construction project.

Construction Management

At J. P. Consultants (JPC) we add value to our customer's oil and gas inspection projects through our Construction Management Services Team.  JPC can help our clients:

  • Oversee Cost Tracking on Purchase and Work Orders

  • Provide notice of the percentage spend on each project

  • Inspection Planning and Scheduling

  • Safety Orientation

  • Contract Administration and Change Order oversite

  • Project Documentation

  • Final Project Close-Out Reporting

JPC can also offer onsite Construction Management and Project Management to work with our client's in-house team.  Our Construction Management Team is there to help the project stay on track and on budget.  

Ask us how our Construction Management Services Team can help you meet your needs.  We are ready when you need us.  

Biologic Remediation and Consulting

J. P. Consultants (JPC) offers Biological and Remediation Consulting in addition to our other oil and gas inspection services.  JPC's Biologic Remediation methods provide safe, timely, and cost-effective solutions for the remediation and reclamation of sodic or hydrocarbon contaminated areas.  JPC offers:

  • Site Evaluations

  • In-Situ Remediation Program Consulting

  • Soil Analysis

  • Chemical Amendments

  • Project Management and Application Services

JPC's on-site remediation methods improve the soil quality index (SQI) and cost a fraction of the traditional dig-and-haul method. Our methods introduce the proper nutrients back into the soil and allow crops, plants, and native grasses to flourish in areas that without proper treatment would not have had a chance to recover. 


JPC's chemical amendments are all bio-available which allows the remediation without having to sequester livestock or pets.  All of our chemical amendments are a stabilized liquid solution, which aids in a more consistent application and absorption within the soil column.


For more information call:

Jess Tarrant

JPC Technical Specialist


Drilling and Completion Consultants

J. P. Consultants (JPC) continues to meet the needs of our clients by adding Drilling and Completion Consultants to our third party inspection services.  The Drilling and Completion Consultants work on behalf of our clients to provide:

  • Onsite Supervision of day-to-day Drilling and Completion Operations

  • Ensure the Safety of all Personnel on location

  • Successfully executing the Operator's Drilling Plan

  • Assisting in the Engineering Design of all Completion Programs

  • Review Costs, Workover Briefs, and Project Documentation

  • Knowledge of various Mud Systems and Well Bores

At JPC, our Drilling and Completion Consultants provide safety oversite, supervise workover, and completion operations.  Consultants oversee operations including hydraulic fracturing of vertical and horizontal wells, setting down-hole pumps and rods, and pumping unit installations.

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