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Pipeline Inspection Services
Pipeline Inspection Services

J. P. Consultants (JPC) is a turn-key pipeline inspection company providing pipeline inspection services to clients nationwide.  Our third party inspection projects include:

  • Transmission and Distribution Pipeline projects

  • Pipeline Integrity

  • Pump and Compressor Stations

  • Gathering Systems

  • Storage Terminals and Production Facilities

JPC also offers payroll services for those individuals that you have already identified for your corporate office or field projects.  Those individuals are on-boarded for the duration of the project and go through the same hiring processes as any JPC employee.  

All of our pipeline inspection services can be tailored to our client's needs adding value to all phases of the construction project.

Construction Management
pipeline construction management

At J. P. Consultants (JPC) we add value to our customer's oil and gas inspection projects through our Construction Management Services Team.  JPC can help our clients:

  • Oversee Cost Tracking on Purchase and Work Orders

  • Provide notice of the percentage spend on each project

  • Inspection Planning and Scheduling

  • Safety Orientation

  • Contract Administration and Change Order oversite

  • Project Documentation

  • Final Project Close-Out Reporting

JPC can also offer onsite Construction Management and Project Management to work with our client's in-house team.  Our Construction Management Team is there to help the project stay on track and on budget.  

Ask us how our Construction Management Services Team can help you meet your needs.  We are ready when you need us.  

Drilling and Completion Consultants
third party inspection

J. P. Consultants (JPC) continues to meet the needs of our clients by adding Drilling and Completion Consultants to our third party inspection services.  The Drilling and Completion Consultants work on behalf of our clients to provide:

  • Onsite Supervision of day-to-day Drilling and Completion Operations

  • Ensure the Safety of all Personnel on location

  • Successfully executing the Operator's Drilling Plan

  • Assisting in the Engineering Design of all Completion Programs

  • Review Costs, Workover Briefs, and Project Documentation

  • Knowledge of various Mud Systems and Well Bores

At JPC, our Drilling and Completion Consultants provide safety oversite, supervise workover, and completion operations.  Consultants oversee operations including hydraulic fracturing of vertical and horizontal wells, setting down-hole pumps and rods, and pumping unit installations.

Engineering Services

AFE and Writing Procedure

  • If you have an issue that requires intervention on one of your wells, we will sit down with you to fully understand the problem. Then our team will suggest a plan of action complete with detailed steps to take to successfully execute. A cost breakdown will be included, in the format of your choosing, that you can send to other working interest partners for approval.

Artificial Lift Optimization

  • In many cases, wells aren’t being produced to their fullest potential. Our team will evaluate individual wells or your field to find room for improvement. Regardless of the lift type we have the foundation to seek small changes that can have a big impact on your production. We are also available for troubleshooting problem wells.

Risk Assessment and Compliance

  • There are many risks associated with energy production. Environmental, health, safety and economic risk oftentimes get muddled in conversation. We are here to discuss and understand your definitions of risk to make a clear mitigation strategy. In addition we can offer our interpretation of state/local regulations to help ensure your compliance.​

Economic Evaluation

  • Knowing the true value of your asset when many variables are at play is imperative to making good business decisions. If you are buying, selling, or simply evaluating your properties we will provide a range of values that helps you understand your asset. This service is available for your field or individual projects.

Completion Design

  • Our team will evaluate and recommend a completion design to provide the best value for your company. There are many knobs to turn in this process, but our team knows what matters to properly stimulate a well without wasting millions on unnecessary products. We will provide a plan to perforate, stimulate and clean out your well to maximize value. Production method recommendations and tubular design are included.

Plug and Abandonment Plan

  • As wells become uneconomic it becomes imperative to responsibly remove that liability. We will work with you to implement a strategy to safely plug and abandon wells or find other uses that could generate value.

Well Bore Diagram Generation

  • Pictures are worth a thousand words. If you have a box of paper files or a well history written on a napkin, we will compile that information into a professional, usable well bore diagram.

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